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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Vote 1 Bikini models!

Gabrielle Reilly thinks that John Howard is "fundamental in the global war on terror" and that although Mark Latham may be a 'nice bloke" "the strategies Mark Latham is platforming contribute directly to allowing terrorism to proliferate around the world."

Oh, did I mention she said all this while posing in a bikini?  She does recognise the appeal of her brand of punditry though:

"Obviously being in a swimsuit attracts many voters from either side of the political fence to visit my site in the first place. But I hope the logical political arguments I present will educate voters on critical issues that will assist in John Howard's re-election," she says."

The caption under the photo is the money quote:

"Gabrielle Reilly says pictures of women's bodies transcend national borders."

They sure do.

Here is her website if you are interested.  Not a bad rig for 35, though the face is showing it a bit.

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