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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Shannon Droll

I may hate Shannon Noll's songs, and will never forgive him for the way he butchered the national anthem at this year's Grand Prix, but I must admire him for his honesty.

Witness his interview in the Hun today (no link):

Q. Are women you meet respectful that you are attached?

A. Not always. I think (they do it) to be part of the fame. I don't think I'm famous. I think I am just another guy. See, I lived in Sydney for eight months when I was 21 playing football and I got two roots the whole time and one of them was Roch (his fiancee) Now it's funny to go to a nightclub and have women come up and I just think, "Whatever! Where were you when I was 21?"


Q. Are you going to sell your wedding photos to a magazine?

A. Yeah, for sure.

Go Shan!

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