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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
A rose by any other name...

It is euphemism city at the Age today:

Headline: Militants mutilate girl in Kashmir

Body: "Guerrillas chopped off the ears, nose and tongue of a teenage girl they suspected of helping police"

"The girl was held captive for eight days before the rebels abandoned her in a field outside the village of Manoh"

"Elsewhere, five schoolchildren who were headed to a picnic in a bus were wounded in crossfire between Indian soldiers and suspected rebels who attacked an army convoy on a highway outside Srinagar"

So if you attack a convoy, you are only a 'suspected rebel', but if you mutilate a teenage girl, you get bumped up to guerrilla status?

"Border guards killed three suspected Islamic rebels before they could cross a barbed wire fence about 1 1/2 kilometres inside Indian territory in Kashmir"

"India expects to complete the fence - which stretches along 580 kilometres of the 745-kilometre boundary - by September to keep out Islamic fighters from Pakistan."

"Insurgents also exploded a grenade outside a mosque in Handwara, a town close to the disputed border with Pakistan, killing one civilian and one policeman"

"He said two suspected rebels were killed in a clash with government soldiers in a forest area in Dogarpora, 100 kilometres north of Srinagar, while another suspected insurgent died after a shootout with the Indian army in the village of Kangan."

This is getting silly. How does a rebel differ from an insurgent?

"Police blamed the separatist rebels for Monday's attacks"

Can you be a suspected seperatist rebel?

You get the feeling that because they are fighting india, they can only rise to 'rebel' or 'inurgent' level. If the US were involved, they would be granted 'mujahadeen', 'revolutionary', or the top of the tree - 'resistance fighters'.

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