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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Michael Leunig disgusts me.

Have a look at some of his greatest hits:

Item 1: Thats right Michael - the only difference between Coalition forces fighting terrorists, and terrorists murdering civilian hostages, is the fact that one uses guns and one uses a knife. A + in moral relativism.

Item 2: This one is more pathetic than anger inducing. Sure, all you need is love. If we love the terrorists, they won't fly planes into buildings or bomb nightclubs. Great policy.

Item 3: This one made me angry. Let me say it slowly for you - Hicks wasn't charged with being "evil, dangerous and menacing", he was charged with conspiracy to commit war crimes, attempted murder and aiding the enemy. Just look at the way that Hicks has been drawn (as a Leunig character) - small and naked. Where is the RPG he was photographed with? Oh, the US character has it.

Item 4: I don't think many would doubt Leunig's ability as a cartoonist - I merely loathe the way he applies the skill. This is a perfect example - nobody would deny the tragedy of the boy who lost his limbs in a US bombing raid, yet to show that as the sole image regarding the handover of sovereignty is dishonest. Would not an equally appropriate image (and pun) have been to include the men whose hands were cut off by Saddam, and have now had prosthetics provided by the US?

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