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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Live in the now
Today's Herald Sun encapsulates quite well the reason that I will never vote for Mark Latham.  Unfortunately different to the on-line version, but the headline today is "Son of Gough".  The story goes on to explain:
"LABOR leader Mark Latham will use Gough Whitlam's famous It's Time slogan to push for election funds.Mr Latham's step back in time, revealed in Labor fundraising material, is a direct copy of his mentor's celebrated 1972 campaign."
Yeah, a real ideas man is Mark.
The Libs take the easy shots:
Treasurer Peter Costello quickly seized on the ploy.
"It's time for a tax policy, Mark," he told the Herald Sun.

"It's time for an economic policy, Mark. It's time to come clean on $10 billion worth of unfunded promises."
The funniest bit relates to the "roll-call of high-profile guests for next month's fund-raiser"
Who will your $11,000 per table get you?
"Celebrity cocktails will be hosted by Little Pattie, actor Rowena Wallace, swimmer Susie Maroney and former Test cricketer Greg Matthews."
I shouldn't be unfair, there is also this:
"NSW Labor general secretary Mark Arbib wrote to business leaders advertising Mr Whitlam, Labor recruit Peter Garrett and comedian Vince Sorrenti as star guests."
I will be running a fundraising drive soon so that I can go along.  A collection of stars of this calibre only comes along once every 32 years....
Actually, if you look at those who appeared in the original 1972  commercial:
"It's Time the jingle was created by ad man Paul Jones and was filmed at Festival Hall and in Sydney. It was sung by pop star Alison McCallum.
Those on stage for the commercial included Little Pattie, Bert Newton, Jack Thompson, Judy Stone and Bobby Limb."

They could have pretty much got the old gang back together (apart from Mr Limb of course).

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