Attila the Pun
Thursday, July 01, 2004
hear hear

Working in a professional environment, surrounded by people from middle or upper class backgrounds, I was constantly hearing tut tutting about the new baby bonus.

Stories about how pokies were doing a roaring trade, TV sales had jumped etc. Basically it was complete arrogance and snobbery towards 'working class' types.

Stephen Matchett does a wonderful job of refuting just about every 'argument' that has been raised. Example:

But what would really enrapture people who hate the idea of lower income Australians being allowed to do what they like would be lists of prescribed, and proscribed, products. Alcohol would not get a guernsey. Children may drive most parents to drink, but the poor, being weak and foolish creatures, should be kept away from temptation, whether they want to be tempted or not. Fast food would obviously be out. But sellers of lentils and leafy greens would clean up.

Read the whole thing.

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