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Friday, July 02, 2004
Attention losers..

James Delingpole has an article for you.

His main contention is that winning is better than losing, and that people are foolish to deny it.

Unhappiness isn't some man-made construct born of an ugly society's misplaced estimation of success over failure. It's God's way of telling us to pull our finger out. When, for example - as I do almost every day - I find myself cursing the fact that I am not nearly as rich and famous as I deserve to be, I do not yearn for the creation of some fairness commissar to bring people doing better than me down to my level.

Rather I go: "Right. Better write an even more brilliant novel next time. Better turn out an even more hilarious, richly inventive, cleverly argued, impossible-to-disagree-with rant for a national newspaper..."

And when I get my piece printed in this spot and someone else doesn't, I think it's great because it means I've won and they haven't.

Solid work.

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