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Thursday, June 10, 2004
sssh-ooort mem-or-y

Greg Sheridan on Garratt's decision to stand for the Labor seat of Kingsford-Smith:

PETER Garrett is either a lying hypocrite or he has had a Damascus Road conversion in which he has rejected every aspect of his previous world view.

Hmm, I favor the former myself. It shall be very interesting to see what happens with this situation. If Labor win government, will he be fast tracked into a ministry position? If so, the idea of Garrett in Environment is scary. If not, is Garett going to be happy cooling his heels on the backbench? That would seem to be a situation ripe for him to get frustrated and take potshots at his own party as well as the Coalition.

If they don't win government, then his loony green stance would be more beneficial to Labor. It is a lot easier in Opposition to make outlandish claims and not have to back them up. The media will also love him, and he is certainly a polished and seasoned performer.

Personally, I hope he is preselected, thus damaging Latham's claims to 'community democracy', then I hope Labor are stuck with him in opposition for 4 years.

The funniest bit in all this is that one of the supposed reasons that Latham is courting Garrett is to attract the 'youth' vote. Garrett is 51. The leader of the National Party, John Anderson, is 48.

I guess we should just all be thankful that Meatloaf doesn't have an interest in Australian politics...

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