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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Merlin Fraser

Its like the stars are aligned the wrong way or something. Merlin, he of the Big Brother 'refugee' protest, has spoken alongside Malcolm Fraser at a breakfast function.

Hilariously, Merlin now considers himself a 'valid voice' on the issue, rather than "some punk who put some tape on his mouth and held up a sign and said 'Yeah, dude, free the refugees'." His words, not mine. What has he done to become this valid voice? Sign with Harry M Miller of course!

The German's grasp of politics is exceeded only by his understanding of history -

"Luck told the audience that Australia's detention policy was inhumane and in years to come Australians would look back, as they do now over the Stolen Generations, "and think, how did we ever justify this?"

Pretty damning stuff, if there had been a single proven case of a 'stolen generation' member of course.

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