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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I have no doubt that Phillip Adams' latest effort in the Australian will be eviscerated by those with more talent than I (hopefully that omnipresent Adams watcher, Professor Bunyip will jump on board), but the column made me so angry that I had to add my two cents.

Adams' central contention is that the greatest tragedy of September 11 was that it saved the Bush presidency, and may also help Howard. Seriously. In fact - "In objective terms, September 11 was infinitesimal."

Being able to remain objective when 3000 innocent office workers are murdered by terrorists I guess is a sign of his higher intellect. But it gets worse:

"For the mighty US to lose a couple of large skyscrapers in a nation with cities as full of these perpendicularities as a jungle is of trees, would hardly destroy its prospects."

Read that, then read it again. He seriously wrote that. Why not say that the death of 3000 people, in a country of 250 million, is hardly a big deal? This is the same man whom the taxpayers of Australia pay to present a weekly radio program.

Speaking of Australia:

"Just as a few Australians coming under fire in Baghdad may be more than enough to defeat Mark Latham."

What a wuss, he can't actually bring himself to talk about the death of Australian soldiers, he cops out with the line 'coming under fire'. Speaking of which, considering that in recent days Australian servicemen have been mortared, as well as shot at in the air, does that mean we can blame any Latham defeat on that?

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