Attila the Pun
Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Free th votes

Apparently Merlin Luck is no Wizard of Oz. Our newest publicity seeking glory hound, who staged a silent 'protest' on his Big Brother eviction show, is a German citizen and therefore has never voted in Australia.

Was this because he was so horrifed by our inhumane treatment of refugees that he was only willing to live here as a non-citizen? Err no, it was because his German passport allows him to travel and work freely in Australia.

Anyway, who wants to participate in the democratic process where each person has one equal vote each, when you can instead push your cause through the media? But thats enough about Peter Garrett..

Merlin claims he made the sign before going into the Big Brother house. If that is true, why the hell couldn't he sew the 'e' on the end of 'th'?

Of course, we will leave the final word to the man himself.

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