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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
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As well as being a sociopathic rapist, Uday Hussein was also car collector.

There is a long list of the cars he supposedly owned, including:

"18 Rolls-Royces, including Corniches, Silver Wraiths, Silver Spirits and Silver Shadows. There were also three Bentleys, at least 22 Mercedes-Benzes, three Jaguars, a Lamborghini Diablo VT, four Bugattis, three Aston Martins and four Cadillacs."

Not forgetting his:

several Ferraris, one a 348 Barchetta, six Porsches, a Lotus Esprit, a McLaren, Maseratis and dozens of Dodges, Toyotas, a Mini Cooper convertible and a Land Rover Discovery Uday used for hunting.

Too bad for Land Rover - they could have used Uday in their latest campaign, rather than Mikey Robbins and the Bush Tucker Man.

That is a sweet list of automobiles, and there is further proof of the sheer evilness of Saddam:

"On one occasion, after a family row in 1995, Saddam ordered the destruction of almost 50 of Uday's vehicles stored in an underground car park in the presidential palace in Baghdad."


Uday apparently wasnt a big fan of factory standard either:

One Mercedes had 150 changes from standard and a Rolls-Royce had been given new bodywork so that the back resembled a Mercedes. Two other Mercedes sedans had war scenes painted on the doors.

Very discreet, tastefully done ones though I am sure.

However, the veracity of all these claims, made by his former personal secretary, Dhafir Mohammed Jabir, have to be questioned, when Jabir claims that one car:

"was capable of changing colour quickly to confuse pursuers."

Either that is a) Bullshit or b) Jabir was impressed with the 'fully sick' chameleon paintjobs that Uday was getting done, and assumed that they were for protective reasons, rather than merely to impress chicks when cruising round the Bagh'.

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