Attila the Pun
Monday, May 31, 2004
Worse than a GST

The booming heroin trade in Afghanistan is one of the more commonly used arguments as to how America is 'failing' in the 'war on terror'.

This article raises a few interesting points.

1. How does the UN get its figures for the growing of opium? It claims 8000 hectares were grown under the Taliban, whereas it has exploded to 80,000 after they are gone. Either these figures are wild guesses, sorry extrapolations, made on small samples - which means they should be relied upon, or else they have good information on where the poppies are being grown. (80000 hectares has got to be hard to hide). If that is the case, then destroying the poppies shouldn't be that hard.

2. They claim that terrorists (apparently they are still terrorists in Afghanistan, rather than militants or insurgents, or even mujahadeen as in Iraq) impose a 'tax' of 13 to 15 percent. A taxpayer in the top bracket in Australia pays 47 percent.

Saddle my donkey, I am off to Afghanistan.

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