Attila the Pun
Thursday, May 13, 2004
Jack the clipper

Is it okay to clip someone on the achilles when they walk in front of you? Under certain circumstances, I would have to give that question a resounding yes.

Walking the streets as a pedestrian is similar to driving a car, just at lower speed, and with less rules. Unfortunately, the absence of rules, and any sort of financial penalty incurred therein, means that many people act entirely inappropriately when traversing the pavement.

Which leads me back to my original question. In my opinion, if you are walking along, at a reasonable, constant speed, and somebody walking in front of you, at a slower speed, drifts into your way - thus requiring you to either slow down hurriedly or swerve - then you are within your rights to not quite slow down enough and give them a tap on the achilles to point out their inconsiderate behaviour.

I would modify this rule in the case of old people, women, and kittens.

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