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Friday, May 21, 2004
Guy Fawkes caught 'travelling' with fireworks

I am not going to add my two cents to the David Hicks 'debate', however I do recommend you read Ted Lapkin's article on the application of the Geneva Conventions to Mr Hicks.

Also worth a look, but for different reasons, is the website "Fair Go For David"

Heading the main page with a quote by Bob Ellis is a bad sign. When that quote states that Hicks has been imprisoned for 'thought crimes' it only gets worse. Those 1984 reference will just never die will they. I wonder if many people on the left ever consider the irony in constantly referring to perhaps the most eloquent anti-communist document ever made.

It gets better though - in the section entitled "Why a Fair Go for David Hicks?", the site explains that Hicks was captured by the Northern Alliance while 'travelling' with Taliban soldiers who were 'defending their territory from the Northern Alliance'

And September 11? Hicks' dad claims Hicks appeared 'unaware of the September 11 attacks and extremely doubtful of their authenticity'. Was he aware of the aims and methods of the Taliban? Support for terrorists? Subjugation of women? Execution of infidels? When backpacking, you really should investigate your 'travelling companions better'.

To wash down this feast, you can peruse their section of cartoons. May I recommend one that suggests Hicks is a rebel or freedom fighter? (freedom from what exactly - rule of law, secular democracy, buddhist statues?) Or here's one that equates Hicks to Howard. (Bet you didn't expect that one).

Can't argue with the logic of this one however.

Yes - this is war, and he chose the other side.

Update: I searched their images section, but couldn't find the picture with him holding the rocket propelled grenade launcher. Why is that?

Update 2: Don't forget to have a look at the interview with Hicks' father as well. Of course I have sympathy for his situation, but check out the leading questions that Trudy is feeding him. Thats not an interview, thats a script.

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