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Monday, May 03, 2004
Dear Mr Neville

Fuck off. Signed, a Gen Xer.

There is nothing sadder than an over the hill hippie. Even when they were under the hill, hippies were pretty sad, but at least there were lots of them, and they were getting a fair amount of hippie skirt. Now we are forced to put up with their whiny laments about how 'young people' these days arent radical enough etc. Its pathetic.

More than that, its insulting. I realise it is intended to insult (Richard would probably say 'provoke'), but it just comes across as patronising. People hate being patronised at the best of time, but when it is by Neil from the Young Ones, it is even harder to stomach.

He does his best to push the "Marine snipers killing babies" line, which appears to be gaining some traction. His evidence? "Non-military witnesses say most of the dead are women, children and the aged." Non-military, anti-US witnesses maybe? I would even question the use of the word 'witness' - as I would be happy to bet that those that Richard heard it from heard it from someone else, who heard it from indymedia, who heard it from.. etc.

And watch this little rhetorical two step: immediately after claiming the USMC is picking off women and children, he writes "A 21-year-old sniper put his kill count at two dozen." Yeah, Johnny was bragging about knocking off 2 dozen kids and old people. Honestly, if you are going to write propoganda for the other side, at least try and be subtle about it.

Having started his spin, Richard then goes on to lambast Generation X for being "doggedly conformist". We are "left swimming in cliches, clutching at baubles, barely aware that the ocean's fish stocks are down 50 per cent. Never has the world been in more peril"

Swimming in cliches? Like "Generation X maybe"? "world in peril"? This bit is special though: "Images of sporadic anti-war protests tend to depict wrinkled ex-hippies in headbands sharing quality time with the grandchildren before the last bus back to the nursing home." You forgot a few ratbag rent a crowd socialist alliance types as well Dicky.

Referring to the anti-Stealth protests, he asks "As for the future leaders of Australia, the strapping young professionals, the entrepreneurs, the trainee philosophers, where are they? Locked up with mortgage brokers, every one." Imagine it - rather than standing around trying to stop other people from doing their job, we were off trying to buy a house. Oh the shame.

But when we aren't busy buying property or watching television, we "gorge the shiny stuff, and then, to mask the lack of fulfilment it provides, quaff antidepressants." To be lectured by any member of the 60's 'counter-culture' on the evils of taking drugs to mask a lack of meaning in your life is the very height of hypocracy.

Then we are back to Iraq : "A senior American officer told The New York Times that his forces could turn Falluja into a killing field in a couple of days." So what? The point he was making was that they could go in and kill everything in sight. Many other militaries would - it is the most direct, brutal and effective way to deal with the situation. It is also barbaric, which is why the USMC hasn't done it. Instead they have taken a restrained approach, and incurred greater casualties because of it.

"What do we care? America's got more than enough weapons of mass destruction to turn the whole world into a killing field and we are its long-standing best friend. Ha ha, so there." He is insane.

The lack of irony throughout this whole piece is stunning - "This is perilous appeasement. " What is this appeasement? "We do not sign the Kyoto agreement, we do not take issue with the excesses in Iraq, we do not condemn the assassination of a quadriplegic cleric who could swiftly have been put on trial."

Not condeming the killing of the 'spiritual leader' of Hamas is appeasement? And he could have swiftly been put on trial? You would have supported that would you Richard? You wouldn't have stated that Sharon and Bush are the ones that "really should be on trial"?

In the end, the piece just fizzles out - "In the real world some are working at the front lines to postpone this future." That would be the only sort of 'work' that the anti-globalisation, Greenpeace types would engage in.

"But most of my Xer mates will see it first in the front stalls of their Harvey Norman home cinema." Memo to Richard - you don't have any Xer mates. You are an old man. You might have some guys that hang around trying to score some free dope, but they aren't your mates.

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