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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Cook the man some f%$ing eggs!

Be warned - do not get into any sort of food related dispute with a family member.

A Melbourne woman has stabbed her mother 48 times after a dispute over lamb chops. Apparently they weren't cooked to the mother's satisfaction, and when she went to cook them some more, Ms Smith stabbed her with 25 cm knife. Incredibly, she survived.

In other whacko food/violence news, a 25 year old man has cut the brake cables on his girlfriend's brother's car after the brother..... drank his orange juice!

He left a note that read "Andrew, you can shove the f---in' juice up your arse!! ...I didn't ask for the restitution of the juice either... bloody smart-arse... little do you know what I could do! Ash. By the way!! Happy motoring!"

Pretty tough one for the cops to crack there I am thinking. Also, how many crazies use the word 'restitution' in their threatening notes?

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