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Thursday, April 15, 2004
What brand of tinfoil do you prefer?

Theodore Trout is a rather odd individual.

His main request is:

"I require the implementation of my intellectual data regarding the concepts of "0" and its' copyright dollars paid so as to finance this fusion project in Australia with international involvement. Mathematicians become very upset when confronted with my dividing and multiplying by 0. Seeing and hearing mathematicians and physicists tearing their hair out over my concepts of "zero" is to believe it."

He is an innovative legislator however:

"All Mathematicians, physicists and the World Science establishments and Governments also their legal systems will capitulate, concede and accept my set of dividing and multiplying by zero is correct and is the law worldwide for everything is relative to its' foundations and all the worlds legislation is based on adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying (by zero) and counting making the Laws of this Universe the foundations of all legislation. Therefore all the world's legislation and governments are subject to the Universes' laws, whether they like it or not."

Do you think the World Science Establishments have some sort of exchange program with the New World Order, or the Elders of Zion?

But one can't go around making claims like this unless there is some concrete proof (the World science establishments wouldn't allow it). So here it is:

I've proven conclusively and absolutely, beyond any doubt in 2001, that mathematicians and physicists are wrongly treating zero as a fraction. This conclusion is confirmed by the following: 1 divided by 1/infinity or by 0 = infinite times; so mathematicians are stating 1/infinity = zero, which is false. 1/infinity has length, breadth, depth and mass whereas " 0" doesn't. So I require my set of dividing and multiplying by 0, demonstrated and proven in 1993, opposed and frustrated for 8 1/2yrs, implemented and the "non exclusive" copyright $dollars paid. The 50yr copyright is to start from its' implementation and the copyright paid. Mathematicians have no choice but to capitulate.

riiiiight. And he has a stunning put down for those established scientists that won't give him due recognition:

They all hide behind their Tertiary play school labels, hide behind their position and status and hide behind their secretaries skirts.

Still, the world may not have long to harness his abilities, as Trout warns us that:

Police attempted to kill me 23rd Feb 04 using the same murder plan they used to kill Colin Winchester, Deputy Police Commissioner in 1989 that was beyond the intellectual abilities of David Eastman

I doubt it was the Police, I think a World Scientist establishment hit squad is much more likely. Beware a group of men in balaclavas and lab coats...

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