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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
There is a lengthy essay in the Age today by Richard Rorty. I wouldnt waste your time reading it:

If terrorists do get their hands on nuclear weapons, the most momentous result will not be the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. It will be the fact that all the democracies will have to place themselves on a permanent war footing.

Tell that to the shadows on buildings that were previously people. Looking into his crystal ball, Richard finds that:

The measures their governments will consider it necessary to impose are likely to bring about the end of many of the socio-political institutions that emerged in Europe and North America in the past two centuries.

Desperately trying to avoid hyperbole, he notes that:

They may return the West to something like feudalism.

I am amazed that people can get paid to make such stunning predictions as:

If there were a dozen successful terrorist attacks on European capitals, and if some of them used nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, the military and the national security bureaucracies in all the European countries would, almost inevitably, be granted powers that they had not previously wielded.

But he really hits his stride with:

The actions of the Bush Administration since September 11 have caused many Americans to think of the war on terrorism as potentially more dangerous than terrorism itself, even if it entailed nuclear explosions in many Western cities.

Lets look at this closely - "many Americans" (Richard doesnt volunteer himself there) think of the war on terror (being presumably the Patriot Act and other measures) "as potentially more dangerous than terrorism", even if it entailed nuclear explosions in many Western cities

I am speechless. Further to this litany of lunacy:

Christopher Hitchens has jeeringly said that many American leftists are more afraid of Attorney-General John Ashcroft than they are of Osama bin Laden. I am exactly the sort of person Hitchens has in mind.

you don't say. But wait - there's more:

Ever since the White House rammed the USA Patriot Act through Congress, I have spent more time worrying about what my Government will do than about what the terrorists will do.

And you would probably still be worrying about the Government as the last breath left your sarin destroyed lungs.

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