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Friday, April 16, 2004
Keep her please

Further to that last post, the SMH has some more champagne comedy from Australia's phony hostage.

She claims that her decision to supposedly go to Fallujah was "no more crazy than sitting in my loungeroom and telling myself that there is nothing I can do."

But why Fallujah Donna? Why not Rwanda, or the Ivory Coast? Or Iran even? Is it because it isn't a media hotspot at the moment - or because you couldnt claim martyr yourself there and then and attack Bushitler and Howard?

My favourite bit was this:

"She spoke of a naive expectation that her Australian passport might protect her from US gunfire as she distributed humanitarian aid in the town"

Naive in what way exactly? Did she naively think that Australian passports are 5 ft long and made of Kevlar? Also:

"We held up our passports and used a loud-hailer to tell them what we were doing, but they started shooting."

Personally, i think she is full of shit. Soldiers are trained for many tasks. The main one however, though people dont like to focus on it, remains shooting people. If some dumpy Australian woman is standing around in Fallujah with a loud speaker, waving a passport, and a US Marine platoon starting shooting at her, she would last about as long as it took for the 5.56mm bullet to exit the barrel of an M-16, travel the length of the street, and lodge itself in her self righteous ass.

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