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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Vote 1 Osama

Peter Fray is joining the gloatfest that is going on at the Age today regarding the war. He is rubbing his hands together about the British voters giving Blair the Anzar treatment, and claims that the win for the Socialists leaves Blair as "the only influential European leader fully in support of the Iraq invasion." Whilst I dont doubt that France and Germany are the major 'powers' in Europe, that does seem to be selling New Europe a little short.

Pete then quotes a poll suggesting that "one in five Labour voters at the 2001 election would switch their vote in the event of an attack". What are these people on? Still, that is only one appeaser in every five.

Fray is bright enough to point out that an anti-war vote in Britain wouldnt go to the tories, which pretty much leaves the Lib-Dems. That would be as big a disgrace as Australians giving the balance of power (or any power) to the greens. shudder.

He finishes by not bothering to hide his feelings on the matter:

"unless, that is, British voters follow their Spanish counterparts and decide before then that enough is enough.

Enough what? Enough standing up to terrorists? Enough dictators removed?

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