Attila the Pun
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
I can think of an appropriate hand signal to represent this idea...

Britain's Channel 4 program for the deaf has dropped certain gestures for the deaf used to depict minorities.
The gestures removed include those for Jewish (miming a hooked nose), homosexuality (a flick of a limp wrist), Chinese (index fingertips pulling the eyelids into a slant) and Indian (pointing to an imaginary spot on the forehead)

How would you replace these you wonder? Jewish is now a mime of the menorah, Chinese is now the right hand travelling from the singers heart across his chest horizontally, then down towards the hip, apparently mimicing the tunic worn in China (another stereotype!), and the sign for 'gay' is an upright thumb on one hand in the palm of the other, wobbling from side to side. I have no idea what that is supposed to mimic, and nor do i wish to.

Finally, Indian is represented by a mime of the triangular shape of the subcontinent. I have no idea what the symbol for 'triangle' is now - a mime of a corrupt cricketer perhaps?

I wonder if the symbols for Australian (opening a beer), British (tieing knots in the corner of a hankerchief and wearing it as a hat) German (reserving a deck chair by placing a towel on it) Palestinian (exploding) or Sri Lankan (bowling with an illegal action) have survived the purge...

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