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Saturday, March 20, 2004
How do I love dictators? Let me count the ways

First up is this item on the 'Peace' rallies in Australia (and the rest of the world). Lets have a look at it shall we?

A Sydney rally, which at one point swelled to about 6000, included a large contingent of Muslims carrying "Muslims for Peace" banners bearing a dove symbol.

Wow, a whole six thousand? Thats nearly half the amount of people that Saddam used to knock off each year, before the 'occupation' that these people are protesting about occured of course. And it isn't muslims for peace that anybody has a problem with - its muslims for blowing up westerners that we take a disliking for. This next bit i dont even understand:

as protesters dressed as US President George W Bush and Prime Minister John Howard straddled a massive fake missile and lewdly embraced. Whatever floats your boat i guess.

The Stop the War Coalition-organised rally at Sydney's Hyde Park included several symbolic acts such as the toppling of a small doll symbolising Mr Howard, in a parody of Saddam Hussein's statue being pulled down in Baghdad. Thanks for explaing that one to us AAP, I am sure the witty symbolism of that one would have otherwise gone right over our petty non-journalist minds.

Former Office of National Assessments (ONA) analyst Andrew Wilkie and journalist John Pilger were among the speakers at Hyde Park, where actor Judy Davis also read a poem. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA


In Canberra, about 250 people rallied in the city centre where they were addressed by local trade unionists, politicians and refugee advocates. Really packing them in I see. Maybe the other thousands got lost in Canberra's damn roundabouts.

Most of the protests today, and those scheduled for tomorrow, were organised by the groups that brought thousands to the streets last year in a failed bid to stop the invasion of Iraq. Hope that makes them feel really good. And I hope that the scenes of Iraqis celebrating not being summarily executed, and expressing hope and optimism about their country's future makes them feel really really bad.

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