Attila the Pun
Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Hold out that wrist

Fresh from his latest bout of deep concern, Kofi Annan has wielded the wet lettuce with vigour - after a report into the attack on the UN in Iraq, Kofi has "chastised" his deputy, sacked the security coordinator (who gets to keep his pension), moved another security coordinator, and singled out 2 low level flunkies for reprimand.

The flunkies apparently failed to heed a request to buy and install blast-resistant protective film for the hotel windows.

This whole episode can be looked at in two ways. The kinder conclusion is that the people working there really do believe that they are a universal force for good, beloved by all, and therefore never took the risk of attack seriously.

The more cynical approach is that the UN is so ridiculously bureaucratic and incompetent that they couldn't even organise security for their own headquarters.

This is the same organisation that many critics insisted had to be involved in order to make any invasion 'legitimate'. The same organisation that the new Spanish leader wants to take over the running of Iraq.

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