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Friday, March 26, 2004
Hasta la vista, Baby

Mike O'Dwyer's company - Metal Storm Ltd, and associated products, would usually be dismissed as the workings of a mad inventor, if it wasnt listed on NASDAQ.

Their latest gizmo is a pistol with various electronic goodies built in. One, user recognition, has been floating around for awhile, and is designed to reduce the number of "unintended killings" - usually Police being shot with their own weapons, or kids finding pappy's gun cabinet.

But now they have added voice technology, where the gun speaks several languages. A Metal Storm spokesman isnt that forthcoming about the usefulness of this attribute. I was always of the opinion that the muzzle of a gun pointed at you did not require the services of a translator.

Another purported benefit is that "the weapons are touted as lighter, cheaper and faster than conventional firearms and, because they are electrical, more easily linked to computers"

I wonder if Police officers will have to plug their gatt in at the end of the night, and whether it will use a Nokia compatiable charger. The PC compatibility is nice however - hopefully it is USB 2.0 compliant for when the next model includes polyphonic ringtones.

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