Attila the Pun
Thursday, March 25, 2004
err, i was misquoted

Tell me again that the war on terror has been a flop, and that America's actions in Afghanistan and Iraq have made the situation more dangerous. Ignoring the change of heart of Libya, or the rumblings in Iran, how about the flip flopping of the new Hamas leader.
Yesterday he was all fire and brimstone - death to the Zionists and their US puppets etc. Now, with time to reflect on exactly what will happen if they attack US interests (aka a hellacious ass-whomping) -

"We are inside Palestinian land and acting only inside Palestinian land. We are resisting the occupation, nothing else," Dr Rantisi said.

"Our resistance will continue just inside our border, here inside our own country."

And he calls himself a hardliner..

Oh, and note to Mr Rantisi - there is no Palestinian country, there never has been one. Arafat was offered one, but knocked it back. Try and bear that in mind, there's a good chap.

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