Attila the Pun
Monday, March 29, 2004
Chuck chuck chucky

In a statement of the bleeding obvious, the match referee in Australia's third test against Sri Lanka has reported Muralitharan for a suspected illegal bowling action. A.k.a chucking.

The referee, Chris Broad (a.k.a Captain obvious) fell over himself to stress that this was only in relation to Murali's new ball the 'doosra'. As anyone who has tried bowling a cricket ball knows, you just can't get it to spin like that unless you throw it. You can hardly blame Murali though, the game's officials let him get away with other dodgy actions, so why not keep pushing the boundaries until someone says stop?

Apparently there were requests that the curator prepare a pitching mound at each end of the wicket for Murali, but there were concerns that this would interfere with Zoysa's attempts at tripping Warne over.

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