Attila the Pun
Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Apparently a gentleman by the name of Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi has scored one of the least desirable jobs in the world - newly named leader of Hamas chief for the Gaza Strip.

This raises two questions - 1) How exactly do you land a job like that? I am pretty sure there isnt an election among the lovely members of Hamas. Is there some sort of grand terrorist council that meets and appoints you? If the guy that Israel just knocked off was the head cheese, who appointed him? If people think selection fights in Western politics gets nasty - imagine what it is like in a suicide bomber organisation. The Catholic Church uses smoke from a chimney to announce the appointment of a new Pope. A repugnant outfit like Hamas would be quite happy to use the smoke from a burning Israeli bus i would imagine.

The second question is whether Israel should knock this guy off as well quick smart. Of course there will be further howls of outrage, and the rather tired cliche of 'creating 100 more terrorists' etc. But on an individual level, imagine trying to talk someone into becoming a high profile spokesman for an organisation whose leader walks around with gunships waiting to pounce.

Hamas relies on propaganda and publicity to survive, if their leaders are cowering in fear, and only posting messages by audio tape, their impact would be significantly reduced. Why would you volunteer for the 'honour' of becoming a suicide bomber, if the leaders arent willing to place themselves in the firing line?

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